Education & Experience
Credentials include educational masters degrees, professional certifications such as CPA's, CA's and JD's, and most importantly executive staff who can demonstrate repeated successes in leading comparable organizations to significant shareholder value, industry prominence, and planned exit events.

Corporate Recovery Using a a cross-disciplinary approach to solving complex financial, organizational and
operational problems, we call on internal and external specialists in areas such as management, production, sales, marketing and engineering to ensure all facets of the organization are addressed in the turnaround plan. Our extensive network and relationships mean that we can quickly assemble multi-disciplinary project teams across locations and across the globe.


Genesys brings integrity, experience and effectiveness to distressed business.

Providing restructuring and recovery advice to companies and their stakeholders.

Implementing realistic operating and recovery solutions to regain stability, viability and profitability.

Working through management with financial institutions, lawyers and other professionals to secure rapid, cost-effective turnaround and crisis management resolution.

Helping businesses emerge from crisis with workable solutions built on the broad support of interested parties.

Genesys professionals provide insight and industry specific advise on how to restructure under-performing businesses and maximize value for stakeholders by implementing the most appropriate turn-around or insolvency procedure. 
  Troubled organizations require rapid action to limit losses, preserve assets develop strategy and implement efficient recovery. We undertake a range of complex recovery and turnaround methodologies.  
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