Troubled Company Turnaround
Corporate Recovery
Corporate Recovery

Genesys and its CPA and attorney partner network are expert in achieving complete turn-around, business recovery or maximum value from distressed business or assets.


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Business Turnaround

Depth of experience within a single industry enables Genesys staff to apply known strategies, proven business processes and specialized insight in order to overcome even the most grim situations.

Genesys recognizes every situation is unique. Only when unique answers
are provided to unique situations will sustained benefits be derived. Genesys related services include the following:
Business Turnaround Crisis Management
White Night Searches
White Night Searches Turnaround of underperforming companies White Knight Searches
Venture capital acquisition
Corporate Recovery Venture Capital Acquisition

Business Turnaround Services Performance Improvement
managed liquidation
Corporate Recovery Consulting Managed Liquidation
corporate governance
Corporate Recovery Corporate Governance

Sarbanes Oxley Review Sarbanes-Oxley Review

Project Management Project Management

Executive Staffing Executive Staffing

 IT Outsourcing

 Best Practices & BPO

Expert Testimony Litigation Support Expert Testimony

The first challenge for turn-around success is to produce results quickly. Cash drains must be eliminated and sufficient cash be maintained to operate the business long enough to investigate
the cause of the damage and implement the appropriate turn-around strategy
  Three problems common in troubled companies are paralyzed management, poor information systems and lack of fiscal controls. Quick intervention can remedy these problems in relatively short order.  
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