Business Turnaround
Business Turnaround

Genesys inserts seasoned leadership with repeated successes, executive staff who have done the job many times over, strategic plans with definitive execution, business development campaigns with demonstratable earnings generation, enterprise-wide automation systems, online reporting for real-time performance measurement, and a closed loop communication mechanism for constant contact among all stakeholders.

Runaway Project Recovery
Project Management

Genesys has a proven track record in recovering complex IT, business development and operational projects. Whether complex software development, large scale ERP, CRM or other mission critical business systems or stalled or failed business development campaigns, let Genesys demonstrate a proven approach.

Software technology due diligence
M&A due diligence
Genesys is uniquely qualified to perform software entity business and technical reviews for organizations looking to expand, divest or otherwise engage in merger and acquisition (M&A) activities.
Veteran executives working with proven methodologies, provisioned automation systems and efficient processes create a foundation to elevate most organizations from troubled to potential leader. 
  Corporate recovery is not a part-time effort at Genesys. It's all we do. Although we retain accountants and attorneys, we're not a CPA or law firm. Business turn-around is our full time business, livelihood and passion.  
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